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* Increases sensitivity and diagnostic certainty

* Test 5, 10 or 48 patients for the price of one 

* Use it in up to 15 of the world's biggest viral diseases

* Unique, global research tool

* Reduce large amounts of medical vaste

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" We tested the Segtnan Mobile app during the pandemic and found it efficient and intuitive. 
- Sabrina Sofie Jensen, Leader Testcenter Hospital of Southern Jouthland.  

            A gamechanger for global screening  

The Segtnan solution for virus testing has been tried at the psychiatric emergency department in Odense, where we tested patients for Covid-19. The questions in the form were easy to answer for patients, even though they were mentally ill. Eivind was very supportive during the process, and I wish him the best of luck and success with his project.

- Pernille Øland, head nurse at Odense University Hospital 


Skt Knuds Gade 20

5000 Odense C


Write to us if you want a demo of possibly the best screening in the world: 

0045 30448498

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