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Creating a biomarker for the brain, enabling physicians worldwide to speak the same language. Patented and built upon our founders PhD.

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Our Mission Statement

At Segtnan, we are committed to revolutionizing brain health diagnostics. Our mission is to combat the global burden of neurological disorders through cutting-edge AI technology. We aim to provide healthcare providers worldwide with our Brain Score system, ensuring early detection, precise diagnosis, and optimized treatment plans for a wide range of brain diseases. Central to our mission is the patient. By improving diagnostic accuracy, we strive to enhance patient outcomes and reduce the societal impact of brain diseases. Our vision is a healthier future, driven by advanced brain health diagnostics accessible to all.


Brain diseases


Patients tested with 77% clinical relevancy



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Integrated AI Assessment

PET Insights

Our AI analyzes PET scan data, mapping the brain's biology in 3D and assessing the risk of various brain diseases.

Segtnan Brain Score

Measuring Brain Functionality

Our AI provides a comprehensive brain score, functioning as a crucial biomarker that measures the overall functionality of the brain, aiding in the identification of Network Diaschisis.

Biological Brain score


As humans live longer, aging-associated diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's are increasing. There are limited options to detect these diseases soon enough to slow them down. Existing PET/MR/CT scanners lack in-built software to detect the biology of the whole brain or to identify Network Diaschisis.


We offer a human-controlled Brain-AI system that is globally accessible for any hospital. Our AI model integrates risk assessment for biological brain diseases and learns with every new image it analyzes. Our solution has been validated on over 4,779 patients in Denmark and Spain, with impressive results.

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What we are trying to do

Brain scans with information

Fighting the Hidden Pandemic


We're on a mission to combat the escalating pandemic of brain diseases. These often-invisible illnesses pose a danger more deadly and detrimental than most realize, causing suffering not only for patients, but also their families. From Alzheimer's and Parkinson's to tumors and stroke, we are dedicated to providing solutions for a wide range of neurological disorders.

Brain scan results

Democratizing Access to Brain Health Diagnostics


We believe in empowering hospitals and research institutions worldwide with our innovative solution. By offering serverless and hassle-free access to our Brain-AI system, we're working to make advanced brain scan analysis universally accessible. No matter the region or the brand of the PET scanner in use, our system is designed to integrate seamlessly.

Brain scoring based on AI

Introducing the SEGTNAN Brain Score


We've developed the SEGTNAN Brain Score, a biomarker that quantifies the functionality of the whole brain. Much like blood pressure levels or cholesterol counts, the Brain Score provides a standardized, comprehensive measure of brain health. This aids in early detection, precise diagnosis, and optimized treatment planning for various brain diseases.

Picture of an active brain

Integrating AI for Revolutionary Results


By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we come up with a revolutionary way to understand and diagnose brain diseases. Our AI analyzes data from PET scans, mapping out the 3D biology of the brain which provides unique insights into the functioning of brain cells.

Watch our brain scan in action

See Segtnan Brain AI in Action

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Biological AI Analysis

AI-Powered Brain Scan Analysis

Our serverless online platform ensures seamless AI-based brain scan analysis for any hospital or research institution.

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Eivind Segtnan looking at results

Support for Clinical Decision Making

Fostering Precise Brain Health Diagnosis

Our solution enhances diagnostic accuracy across various brain diseases, empowering physicians for better decision making.

Revolutionize neurological diagnostics with AI

Never seen before insights into the brain


See what our testimonials say

A better understanding of the link between exercise and specific effects on clearly defined brain pathologies will enable more efficient use of exercise as a viable treatment option in this field. As such, Eivind Antonsen Segtnan’s proposed project, investigating the effects of exercise used as core treatment for defined brain pathologies has the potential to be a landmark project, opening up novel avenues in the treatment of brain pathologies.

Pætur Mikal Holm

PT, MSc., PhD fellow, Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics, University of Southern Denmark

I have had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Eivind and his ideas in 2017. The driving force for Eivind is an inherent idea of contributing to medical development and improved working conditions that benefit patients - in this case within brain PET. The project has great transfer value to other PET surveys. As head of the PET center in Tromsø, I will be positive to enter a formal collaboration with Eivind and the PET environment at Odense University Hospital about establishing a brain- PET hub.

Rune Sundset

MD, PhD, MScFounder and leader of the PET Imaging Center, University Hospital of Northern Norway

Eivind has selected diaschisis of brain metabolism as his focus, and in the course of his PhD program has assembled an impressive number of valuable publications and conference abstracts and contributions, at a rate that is very rare at Eivind’s age see list at end). The contributions have innovative aspects, with considerable diagnostic and therapeutic consequences, and his work is likely to make a marked impact on practices in this area.

Albert Gjedde

MD, DSc, Professor Emmeritius of Translational Neurobiology, University of Copenhagen

We need reliable measures of global cerebral metabolism. Eivind Antonsen Segtnan, MO, has extensive knowledge and research background in cer­ebral PET scanning. Using the PET tracer of glucose metabolism (FOG PET) Eivind has described brain diaschisis in high-grade glioma patients. [...], the finding that diaschisis is most pronounced in the late phases of the dis­ease suggest its important role in the patient terminal decline in clinical performance and cerebral function.

Frantz Rom Poulsen

MD, PhD, Professor in Neurosurgery & Chief Physician Department of Neurosurgery, Odense University Hospital


Your Top Questions Answered here

What is the Segtnan Brain Score?
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The Segtnan Brain Score is a biomarker developed by our team that quantifies the functionality of the whole brain. It's akin to measures such as blood pressure or cholesterol counts but focuses on brain health. The score is derived from analysis of PET scans by our AI system.

How can the Brain Score help in diagnosing brain diseases?
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The Brain Score can aid in the early detection and precise diagnosis of various brain diseases. By providing a comprehensive measure of brain health, it allows healthcare providers to make informed decisions regarding patient care, leading to optimized treatment plans.

What types of brain diseases can the Brain Score detect?
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The Brain Score can be used to detect a wide range of neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's, Mild Cognitive Impairment, strokes, tumors, and more.

What is the role of AI in your system?
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Our system uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze data from PET scans. The AI maps the 3D biology of the brain, showing energy consumption of cells throughout the entire brain, including the cerebellum. It then assigns a score based on this analysis.

How can I access the Segtnan Brain Score System?
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Our Brain-AI system is designed to be universally accessible to any hospital or research institution with access to a PET scanner. We offer a serverless, online platform that can be used without any intervention to local journals of the hospitals.

Is the Segtnan Brain Score system reliable?
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Yes, our system has been validated with data from thousands of patients located in different hospitals in Denmark and Spain. The accuracy of our system is measured at 100% sensitivity and 85.7% specificity.

Can this system be used for other types of scans besides PET?
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Currently, our system is designed specifically to analyze PET scans, which provide the level of detail needed for comprehensive brain health analysis. However, we are continually working on expanding and improving our capabilities.

Revolutionize Neurological Disease Diagnostics with AI-Powered FDG-PET Scan

Experience optimized patient care with AI-Powered FDG-PET Scan. Quantifiable results, simplified views, increased diagnostic confidence—revolutionizing neurological disease diagnostics.

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