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Enabling Healthcare Advancements: Saving Lives and Optimizing Medical Processes with AI and Automation.

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Transforming Microbial Testing

Survaid - Introduces transformational solutions that transform microbial testing environments through the power of AI and cobotics. SURVAID optimizes clinical trials for diseases such as chlamydia, COVID19, HIV, malaria and tuberculosis. Its intelligent AI algorithm simplifies testing by dividing patients into groups based on the probability of infection and optimizing pool size based on patient conditions and various other factors Using machine learning, hospitals and clinics are able to constantly improve the model to suit their populations.

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Merging AI-driven efficiency with a patient centric approach.

We emphasize innovatoin and sustainability.

Easy-to-use mobile application

Users can easily perform anonymous health checks using our user-friendly mobile application. In exchange, users receive a unique ID that provides complete privacy and ease of use.

Interpretable Scientific AI

Our system today divides people into groups according to their risk of infection. This discreet grouping not only enables this efficient group testing, but also efficiently allocates resources for optimal results.

Online Collaboration

The Survaid platform provides a smooth yield management system and an automated retesting mechanism. Administrators’ workflow is streamlined because the entire process is securely tracked through a powerful online dashboard.

Multidisease Application

Survaid means more than a narrow focus. It is geared to handle research on various diseases such as chlamydia, COVID-19, HIV, malaria and tuberculosis to ensure widespread use

What we are trying to do

With Survaid, we're charting a visionary course to transform healthcare testing. Dive deeper into our goals:

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Streamline Processes


Merging the power of Artificial Intelligence with the precision of advanced robotics, our intention with SURVAID isn't just to make medical testing processes swifter. We're aspiring to redefine efficiency in this domain, enabling processes that are not only faster but also reliably accurate, driving the evolution of cost-effective healthcare solutions.

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Enhance Accessibility


The heart of our initiative lies in patient empowerment. Our meticulously designed, user-friendly mobile app is a testament to that, as we pave the way for easier access to medical testing. By prioritizing user privacy, we are championing a shift towards a more patient-centric approach, ensuring individuals have autonomy and discretion throughout their testing journey.

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Optimize Testing Strategies


Traditional testing has its limitations. Recognizing this, our pioneering approach champions group testing, where our AI-driven algorithms intelligently sort specimens for simultaneous testing. This strategy doesn’t just save time – it equips healthcare professionals with tools that adapt swiftly to medical challenges, ensuring quicker and more accurate responses.

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Broaden Applicability


The beauty of Survaid lies in its adaptability. Whether it's a global pandemic like COVID19 or chronic conditions like HIV, our system is engineered to handle diverse diseases. This versatility ensures that healthcare facilities, regardless of their primary focus, can seamlessly integrate and benefit from our solution.

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Emphasize Sustainability


At the core of our values is a profound respect for our planet. While we're passionate about revolutionizing healthcare, we're equally committed to doing so sustainably. Our concerted efforts to reduce CO2 emissions are a testament to our dedication to marrying healthcare innovation with environmental stewardship.

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Empower Healthcare Facilities


The financial strain on healthcare systems globally is palpable. Our solution goes beyond just cutting costs. By potentially saving facilities up to 70% in testing expenses, we're providing them the leeway to allocate resources more strategically, enhancing patient care without compromising on the quality of results.


See what our testimonials say

The Segtnan solution for virus testing has been tried at the psychiatric emergency department in Odense, where we tested patients for Covid-19. The questions in the form were easy to answer for patients, even though they were mentally ill. Eivind was very supportive during the process, and I wish him the best of luck and success with his project.

Pernille Øland

Head nurse at Odense University Hospital

There´s obvious synergy between group testing and automatation of the preanalytical phase. Eivind´s algorithme and the automation solution combined ensure that samples are optimally received, registered and grouped , leading to an improved workflow and faster response times.

Janus Kuhn

CEO, T&O Labsystems ApS.

Implementing digital and robotic solutions is crucial for the healthcare industry. Eivind Segtnan's solution can help push for effective diagnostics automation, and it´s a strong initiative. It is rare to find a med-tech entrepreneur who shares the same values as him.

Søren Schmidt

CEO of Robot Valley Capital

Here at the Danish Technological Institute, we have assisted Eivind in developing a pilot version of a robot that can sort the samples based on his algorithm. Using technology in healthcare professionals can make our system more efficient and help save high costs, and Eivind Segtnan´sproject is a good example.

Birgitte Sørensen

Business leader for healthcare robotics at the Danish Technological Institute


Your Top Questions Answered here

What is Survaid and who is it for?
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Survaid is a dynamic solution developed by Segtnan to optimize virus testing facility processes using cobots and artificial intelligence. It is designed for healthcare institutions like hospitals, labs, and departments of microbiology and biochemistry.

What challenges does group testing face and how does SURVAID overcome them?
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Group testing faces difficulties like fluctuating prevalence, high costs in high prevalence areas, and dilutional effects threatening test accuracy. SURVAID uses an 'individualized AI' to standardize and automate lab protocols for each patient and lab, effectively addressing these challenges.

How does Survaid ensure diagnostic accuracy?
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Survaid uses a scientifically proven AI algorithm that outcompetes traditional equations, like Robert Dorfman's 1943 equation. Our trials with more than 3500 patients showed an accuracy of 80-85%, delivering significant savings even in highly prevalent areas.

What diseases can Survaid test for?
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Survaid can effectively test for Chlamydia, COVID19, HIV, Malaria, and Tuberculosis.

How does the Survaid mobile application work?
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Users fill in an anonymous health survey on the mobile app, generating a unique identifier. This identifier is used throughout the process to respect users' privacy.

How does Survaid's AI handle group testing?
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The AI determines whether to pool a patient's sample based on their clinical condition, and the pool size is determined individually. The AI also considers geographic location, lab procedures, and molecular diagnostics in its calculations.

How does SURVAID guarantee privacy and data security?
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Our AI software is CE-marked and evaluated to be compliant with GDPR. It is incrementally trained and can be shared among labs without carrying sensitive patient data.

What savings can be expected with Survaid?
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With Survaid, you can expect a significant reduction of up to 70% in overall costs, depending on the disease prevalence.

How does Survaid integrate with existing lab equipment?
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Survaid works seamlessly with existing lab equipment like the UR arm and the T&O ATRAS sorter to automate and optimize medical test sorting into appropriate pool sizes.

Does Survaid contribute to environmental sustainability?
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Yes, by using Survaid, you can reduce CO2 emissions by 1.8 kg per 100 medical PCR tests, contributing to a greener and healthier planet.

Join the fight against diseases like Chlamydia, HIV, and COVID19 with SURVAID.

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